Locke (DVD Cover)

Cast: Ivan Locke (Tom Hardy)

Director: Steven Knight

Theatrical release: 04/25/2014
DVD Date: 08/12/2014

Rating: Rated R for language throughout.
Running Time: 85 minutes

Note(s): Original screen play by Steven Knight.

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Review: I was intrigued by the premise of, and later the trailer for, Locke, but after seeing it, I felt somehow cheated.

Actor Tom Hardy plays Ivan Locke, and is the only character seen on screen. Several other characters are heard on the telephone, to which Locke speaks as he is driving from the northern suburbs of London back into the city one night. The film opens with him leaving a job site, where a new building is under construction. We quickly learn he is the on-site manager responsible for one of the biggest concrete pours in the history of Europe … and he won't be there tomorrow to see it through. But why? What is so important that he is willing to jeopardize his job and, later we learn, his marriage? I was expecting something really quite intriguing, maybe even suspenseful, but — and I don't think this is quite a spoiler since it happens so early in the film — instead it is something as completely pedestrian as him having an affair and choosing to be with the mother of his new child, even though he doesn't love her of even care much for her.

Tom Hardy is simply superb in his role here, and the minimalist set — the inside of his car — works incredibly well to showcase his talent. And while I don't really mind that nothing much happens, per se, in the film, that was to be expected, I do object to how absolutely ridiculous his reasoning is to throw everything, literally everything, important in his life away just to be someone his father wasn't. I don't get it … and as a result — and maybe I'm being really shallow here — I can't recommend the film. I appreciate the artistry that went in to making it, but the storyline is simply too improbable to get past.


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